So no flag lowering foot stamping or Breath holding for us we are Canadians!

Dalton McGuinty’s approach to the inequality of transfer payments stating “We will not lower the Canadian flag. We will not stamp our feet and hold our breath. We will do this in the Ontario way,” demonstrates once again the uniqueness of Ontario’s relationship with Canada.

Provincial problems with the federal government aren’t considered unity issues, but rather internal squabbles.

Regionalism in other provinces is seen as thing of pride. Residents of Newfoundland call themselves Newfoundlanders residents of Alberta are Albertans and who can forget the Quebecois.

But What of residents of Ontario we rarely call ourselves Ontarians, most will simply tell you they are Canadians.

Could it be that because Ontario, was created from the vestiges of old Upper Canada ,that Ontarians see themselves as the only true Canadians or just do we have a greater sense of unity with the entire nation of Canada?

So the question is, do we see ourselves as the first Canadians or, Canadians first?

Could it also be because Sir John A McDonald sold the united Canada idea from the political pulpit of Ontario?

Or is it as a friend of mine once said the rest of the provinces are just a bunch of whiners, that feel that Canada never lived up to Sir John A McDonald’s Promises?

So no flag lowering foot stamping or Breath holding for us we are Canadians!


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