Who cares about the rule of law?

Guantanamo Bay in the US, the use of security certificates in Canada, the attempts by the US congress to influence the Terri Schiavo case, the sex marriage debate in Canada, what links these issues together?

The key things that link these things together are the belief in the rule of law and the right of the courts to play a role in the interpretation of law.

My question is to everyone, do we want to have lawyers and judges involved in determining laws in our respective nations?

Personally I think that we are naive if we think that elected officials are the only choice of persons to guard our civil liberties. Law must be a product of both politicians and judges.

Checks and balances are the essential means to prevent abuse by both sides.

However, I do not see it as a fight between the two but a cooperative argument necessary to protect the individual from both the arbitrariness of the law and the weaknesses in democracy.

Please disagree with me I am getting tired of being the voice of dissent crying in the wilderness of apathy.


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