Romanow where for art thou Romanow

The quality of medical care in Canada has gone up , I think.

The other day I went to get an Xray done on my foot as I had some foot pains lately. After the technician had done several Xrays he came back into the room and said I should see a doctor right away.

Why I asked. To which he replied that I have the top part of a needle inside my foot. To which I laughed because I had been into hospital to have that pulled out when it happened, and they couldn’t find it.

Why was that funny…..?

Because it happened about 30 years ago.

What is more hilarious is that It is going to have to stay there a while longer as I can’t even Get in to see my GP until Monday when she reopens her office after moving it to a cheaper local.

Oh Romanow where for art thou Romanow….. ( I don’t know about the Future of Health Care in Canada, but the past obviously wasn’t that hot)

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