The event started with a drip.

The Ottawa Citizen reported that a failed valve on the NRU nuclear reactor at Chalk River last serviced in 1972 almost caused a nuclear incident, but in the article it also stated the following…

“… a veteran professor of engineering says the incident wasn’t dangerous at all. Terry Rogers, an emeritus professor from Carleton University, said there was only a small loss of steam, and the fact that the reactor shut itself down properly prevented any harm. As well, he questioned whether the valve really had gone without maintenance since 1972.”It’s just inconceivable” that the plant operators would ignore this, he said, as all Canadian nuclear plants are forced by the rules of their licences to check and re-check all parts of their high-pressure systems. He believes the records of maintenance are simply missing.AECL wouldn’t comment yesterday. It’s due to meet the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission officials later this week, and says it will be pleased to discuss the issue publicly after that meeting. The event started with a drip.” (Tuesday Feb 22/2005)

The citizen to their credit reported the incident with the weight it deserved however, my comment is how can Mr. Rogers state conclusively that “the incident wasn’t dangerous at all,” if he can’t say for sure that the valve had gone without maintenance. Just because something is “inconceivable” does not make it impossible.

Now children repeat after me WE ALL LOVE SAFE NUCLEAR POWER !

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