It is Saturday…

Currently minus seven celcious in Central Park in New York City. Pedestrians are bundled up like five year olds going out to frolic in the snow. Everything is covered up by wool, earmuffs, jackets, boots and anything else associated with keeping the body warm.

Myself? slap on the jacket and a pair of running shoes and go for a walk! Canadians seem to know how to deal with the cold better than New Yorkers. Why is that? Perhaps it is the spoiled fifteen degree celcius temperature we were basking in last weekend.

So I guess you know that there is currently no snow in NYC right now. However, I must admit that if you dump twenty centimetres of snow on NYC that by the next day every single road in the city will be plowed and passable so that school get going. That is impressive if you think about it that a city of ten million people can dig themselves out and return to business the next day as if nothing happened.

Would that happen in Toronto? No they would call in the army probably. Nuff said…

So in some ways NYC has things on the go a little better compared to Toronto whereas the people themselves in NYC seem a little more unreceptive to being slightly frost bitten than those in Toronto.

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