Mr Arends is dead and Mrs Arends doesn’t want to speak to you !

I got this post from My mother the other day and I thought it ranks as a quality rant while a some what short one.

I am fed up with telemarketers. Every time the Phone rings. Hello, can I speak to Mr or Mrs Arends. Last time I said NO. Mr Arends is dead and Mrs Arends doesn’t want to speak to you and I hung up. Not very nice really the poor girl was only trying to earn a living. There should be a law against this . But on the other hand we are a free country. Oh well that is my pet peeve off my mind.


Personally I can sympathize with mom’s frustration however I’m not sure that there is a need to be polite even if they are just doing their job.

the truth of the matter is that listening patiently to them is what their employers want. If no one listened would telemarketers still call and waste money paying people to annoy other people.

So Mom don’t feel sorry about hanging up, remember it is your phone your house and they have no right to take up your time.

My usual answer is “sorry your wasting my time” CLICK.


2 thoughts on “Mr Arends is dead and Mrs Arends doesn’t want to speak to you !

  1. I just have to comment on this one! I write both from the point of view of an ex-telemarketter and a frustrated “customer” of telemarketters. As a telemarketter you are expected to call as many people in as little time as possible, selling as much of your product as possible, and usually reading from a script. Now telemarketters do NOT work for the company they are calling for, for the most part. As I telemarketter I sold insurance, phone plans, and credit cards while not working for any of those companies. I worked for a telemarketting firm that is hired by individual companies that want to sell something via phone. So that means that when the telemarketter calls you on behalf of Visa, they CANNOT check your credit rating or take a payment. They don’t have that info, all they have is your name and a script. It is horribly frustrating when your entire paycheque depends on whether or not you luck out and get one of the “nice” or “niave” people that want to politely listen to you long enough to be convinced of what you are spewing. As an ex-telemarketter I know that there is a rule stating that if you ask to be “removed from their calling list” that company will not call you again. The “calling list” is not universal so just because you are removed from a credit card list it doesn’t mean that you won’t get hit up for carpet cleaning. So to get the telemarketters to stop calling, just ask to be removed from their list each time a new one calls … and for the love of God … DON’T enter random raffles! That is where they get your number from! (as rumor has it anyways) But, being your typical polite Canadian, even though I know that they will stop calling if I ask to be removed from their list, I can never bring myself to tell that poor sap calling me from a computer desk as a script rolls by in front of their eyes to stop their speech and remove me from their list. I guess it’s my own fault then, eh?

  2. My father always loves telemarketers. Especially ones where he has some experience in the product they are selling.

    Take, for example, the selling of groceries. My father usually asks questions around beef products. Why? As a former supervisor for Agriculture Canada at Pearson Airport in Toronto and working for the former Toronto Stock Yards, he tends to know how beef is processed.

    So, long story short, after a half hour conversation with the telemarketer (hey you do need some entertainment while drying the dishes) you can call the telemarker a liar for saying that the beef is “humanely killed.” The lye you might ask? She said named the biggest slaughter house in Alberta when finally taking the time to scramble through documents in order to find the answer to where does the company’s come from.

    Then, of course, ask to be removed from the calling list. I think the telemarketer will be more than willing to never call that number again.

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