END OF THE LINE: Anatomy of mental break down

The other night I was on my way to a cub scout meeting and running a bit late. I got on the usual number 7 St. Laurent bus and thanked my lucky stars that it was on time. That is when everything went wrong. First of all I failed to notice that the Driver was muttering to himself and driving just a bit too fast. Then I thought that his route was not the usual and went up to question him on this, to which he grumbled something inaudible like the snarl you get out of a dog that is about to bite you. Another passenger also shouted from the back of the bus that this isn’t the right route. The bus roared to a halt on the side of St Laurent Rd and the driver hollered END OF THE LINE opened the door and got off the bus and walked directly down the road away from the bus leaving a bus load of passengers going WHAT THE HECK

After I walked up the Road to the St Laurent Centre and phoned OC Transpo, I was told that they were sorry but they have been having trouble with that driver. To which I replied. NO KIDDING. And hung up.

My Rant for today is if you have a pressing mental break down choose a convenient time and don’t have it at the expense of those that had nothing to do with it. GET A GRIP

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