Do not judge lest you be judged

Most Canadians think of ourselves as peaceful kind people, and publicly we are. Yes we are politically correct but not always. This rant deals with the, underside of Canadian politeness.
It would be an over generalization to apply it to all Canadians as a whole but there are Canadians out there that need to hear this.

I know most of you reading this rant will think that I am being overly particular that what I am about to object to is a normal part of life, the truth is IT SHOULDN’T BE, and that is my complaint.

Normally I don’t quote the bible. I don’t quote it because I am no real expert on it and I find those that frequently do often appear pompous and self rightous.

However, this incidence requires it.

In my view the following words of Jesus Christ are very important (Mat 7:1) “Do not judge lest you be judged.”

Have you ever had Friends tell you that they feel depressed because they are not the norm, they are too fat, not smart enough, pretty enough or that they just feel that they don’t fit in.

Most people will tell them that being over weight is not a crime, who is to say someone is not smart enough, everyone is beautiful in their own way and fitting in is not all its cracked up to be.

However we know that a large number of even our closest friends would not agree.

How often have we heard idiots say hurtful things like “how can a person let themselves get that fat” and “he’s a nice guy, but he isn’t very bright?” and “he is a nice guy too bad he’s so homely”

Okay this entire nonsense gets me more than irate.

1. People often eat because they are depressed. Why because they have to deal with the morons that criticize them, so the more hurtful things you say the more they eat. So they die earlier because they have heart troubles at least the food gave them some enjoyment they didn’t get from their so-called friends.

Whose fault is it now?

2. Often they’re not unintelligent they’re just depressed and that will effect how bright you appear.

Again who is responsible for they’re depression (oh yes the self righteous of you will say that they control their own emotions, to that I say, NONSENSE. If you say something hurtful and don’t expect someone to react negatively then you are pretty dense)

3. Homely is another word for UGLY folks. So when you say, “to bad he/she is homely” what you are really saying is “OOOW HE’S UGLY” but in a so-called polite way.

Personally the ugly people to me are those that would criticize other people’s looks.

The phrase “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” means that, how you judge the beauty of others says more about you.

I have had enough. If I hear one more person say something hurtful about anyone I am going to say exactly what I think even if it jeopardizes a friendship. I don’t need friends like that.

People you have to be accountable for your words.

If you think you can speak without thinking or pass judgement without thinking how you might feel when judged, forget it. Personally I will not let any of my friends get away with judging others without their own faults being also raised up to scrutiny.

And this applies to anyone else you may pass judgement on to. I want real friends, not those that are friends because it entertains them.

I love my friends I will not judge them and I will not let them be judged or ridiculed or bullied or in any way be made to feel of less value than the rest of you, even in a so-called kind way. If however someone passes judgement on another of my friends then “lest you be judged” comes into play.

And I expect no less of myself. If I speak without thinking and say something critical or mean of some one please for heavens sake tell me I am being hurtful, yell at me if you must.

Bill Arends

p.s. My apologies to those of you that might recognize this piece from an email I sent a few days ago.


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